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Who the hell are The Beefy Boys?

The Beefy Boys is the definition of a drunken BBQ that got seriously out of hand!

We are four mates who started mucking about cooking burgers and barbecuing in our back gardens in Hereford about 10 years ago.

Our friends and family thought it was great so we decided to enter a BBQ competition in Bristol called GRILLSTOCK. Grillstock was a UK based BBQ festival where various teams would enter and compete for the title of KING OF THE GRILL! As four total novices we literally just entered for a laugh.

Shockingly, we won the award for BEST BURGER and consequently got entered into the WORLD FOOD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Las Vegas to represent the UK against 50 other teams from across the globe. We thought that we would fly over there, finish in last place, have a great holiday and fly home. Somehow we managed to come second in the world.

From that point onwards everything changed. We would do a pop-up in our home town and instead of just the usual 20 or so people turning up we would now have 500-600 people showing up (with us feverishly trying to cook burgers on a tiny little BBQ to keep up with the sudden demand). In those early days it could often be a 2 hour wait for a burger.

We all decided to give up our day jobs as we quickly turned our hobby into a business. We opened our first restaurant in Hereford in 2015 which before long we expanded into the building next door to double the capacity due to demand. Not long after, that we purchased a food truck to tour our food across the country. In 2021 we opned our 2nd site in Shrewsbury and in 2023 we opened our 3rd site in Cheltenham.

In 2023 we cemented our status as one of the top burger joints in the UK by winning both Signature Burger and Burger chef of the year at The National Burger awards.

Our ethos is great quality, world class, dirty burgers and street food, using locally sourced ingredients and authentic cooking methods. Our goal is to be the very best burger joint in the country – a mecca for all food lovers and burger aficionados, while staying true to our roots and maintaining a fun and friendly vibe. That’s always been what it’s about for us, a good laugh with your mates and that’s the way we want to keep it.

The boys at the opening of the Cheltenham branch
The Beefy Boys burger logo

Multi-Award Winning

a brief history


Where it all began - Dan & Murg realising they're good at making burgers!

Beefy Boys have their first BBQ in their back garden

The boys hard at work

Start doing pop-ups


The boys after winning a competition!

Enter Grillstock and Win best Burger

The boys outside the Welcome to Las Vegas sign

Represent UK at Worlds Best Burger Championships in Las Vegas

The boys in suits at World Food Championships

Crowned 2nd in The World!
Gamble all our winnings on 11


Dan celebrating outside the front of the Hereford branch

Use winnings to open first restaurant

The boys at a burger competition - one last check before the judges dive in!

Win 1st place signature Burger at Worlds Best Burger Orlando Florida


Russells Trophy Illustration
The boys at a food competition

Win 1st place signature Burger at Worlds Best Burger, Alabama


Food truck illustration

Get Food Truck to take our burgers on the road

The boys at World Food Championships

Finalist Worlds Best Burger Alabama / New Orleans


The boys at a burger competition

Finalist Worlds Best Burger Dallas Texas


Russells Blue Skull Illustration


Hereford inside

Expand Hereford Restaurant


Shrewsbury frontage

Open 2nd Restaurant SHrewsbury


Cheltenham restaurant front

Open 3rd Restaurant in Cheltenham!

National Burger Awards logo

Win 1st place UK’s best burger and Best Burger Chef of the Year

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