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Stripped of extras, it showcases the pure essence of a great burger—just meat, cheese, bacon, and a bun. For those who prefer it even more classic, we offer the Basic Boy with American cheese.

The Lonely Boy

Bacon / Bun / Cheese / Just Meat / No Salad / No Sauce

Prepare for a smoky and spicy adventure with our Chipotle Boy Burger. The star of this creation is the Chipotle Mayo, adding a mild yet tantalizing heat to the juicy beef patty. Combined with bacon, American Cheese, Swiss Cheese, and the fresh crunch of lettuce, red onion, and gherkin, this burger offers a bold flavor experience that will awaken your taste buds.

The Chipotle Boy

American Cheese / Bacon / Chipotle Mayo / Gherkin / Lettuce / Red Onion / Swiss Cheese

Experience the classic combo of ketchup and Ball Park Mustard, perfectly complementing our juicy patty. A burger that captures the essence of traditional American flavors.

The American Boy

American Cheese / Ball Park Mustard / Gherkin / Ketchup / Lettuce / Onion / Swiss Cheese

This mouthwatering creation features a succulent beef patty topped with our secret Special Sauce, crispy bacon, the rich creaminess of American Cheese, and the nutty allure of Swiss Cheese. Complemented by the freshness of lettuce, the tang of red onion, and the crunch of gherkin, every bite is a symphony of flavors that will leave you craving more.

The Beefy Boy

American Cheese / Bacon / Gherkin / Lettuce / Red Onion / Special Sauce / Swiss Cheese

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