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Menu – Sides

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Photo of our Mac & Cheese Balls - These golden spheres of delight are enriched with Parmesan, chives, and bacon bits, making them a heavenly treat. If you’re looking for a larger portion, try our Mega Mac with the same mouthwatering flavors. Both options come with a luscious Chipotle Ketchup dipping sauce.

Mac & Cheese Balls/ Mega Mac Portion

Bacon Bits / Chipotle Ketchup / Chives / Parmesan
Luscious ranch dressing drizzled over sweet corn, topped with Parmesan, bacon bits, and chives.

Parmesan Ranch Corn

Bacon Bits / Chives / Parmesan / Ranch Dressing
Simple Salt and Pepper Corn on the cob in a black bowl

Salt & Pepper Corn

Butter / Pepper / Salt
Our tender wings are drenched in spicy buffalo sauce, served with a side of refreshing Blue Cheese Dip, celery sticks, and spring onion.

Buffalo Wings

Blue Cheese Dip / Buffalo Sauce / Celery / Spring Onion
Our Ninja Wings are marinated in a delectable mix of soy, garlic, and honey, finished with a sprinkling of sesame seeds

Ninja Wings

Garlic / Honey / Sesame Seeds / Soy
Chicken wings with our special Butty Bach BBQ sauce, then topped with a garnish of fresh spring onion

Butty Bach Wings

Butty Back BBQ Sauce / Spring Onion
Honey, Sriracha, Lime Chicken wings, along with a couple of lime wedges.

Honey, Sriracha, Lime wings

HSL Sauce / Spring Onion / Wedge of Lime
Just plain, delicious fries

Plain Fries

Just Fries
Drizzled with local truffle oil and sprinkled with Parmesan and chives, these fries are a lavish treat.

Millionaire Fries

Chipotle Mayo Dip / Chives / Local Truffle Oil / Parmesan
For bacon lovers, our Bacon Fries are a dream come true. Indulge in a generous serving of crispy bacon, complemented by our savory Baconaise and topped with even more bacon bits.

Bacon Fries

Bacon / Bacon Bits / Baconaise / More Bacon
Fries topped with hearty beef chili, HPA nacho cheese sauce, sour cream, Ball Park Mustard, pickled jalapeños, and chives.

Chilli Cheese Fries

Ball Park Mustard / Beef Chilli / Chives / HPA Nacho Cheese Sauce / Pickled Jalapeños / Sour Cream
Delicious combination of crispy fries smothered in rich chicken gravy and topped with delectable cheese curds

Poutine Fries

Cheese Curds / Chicken Gravy / Chives
Photo of our Pastrami Fries! Generously loaded with smoked pastrami, double Swiss cheese, and a dollop of Dirty Mayo, these fries are a masterpiece of deliciousness.

Pastrami Fries

Dirty Mayo / Double Swiss / Gherkin / House Cured And Smoked Pastrami
Our Jalapeño Poppers are crispy and golden on the outside, these delightful poppers are filled with a creamy blend of Parmesan and chives, accompanied by a tangy Chipotle Mayo dipping sauce.

Jalapeño Poppers

3 Cheeses / Breadcrumbs / Chipotle Mayo / Chives / Jalapeños / Parmesan

Burger extras

American Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Jack Cheese, Blue Cheese, Gherkins, Egg, Mushroom, Bacon, Pickled Jalepeño, Jalepeño Poppers, Mozzarella Patty or a Mac & Cheese Patty

Extras Sauces Available

Chipotle Mayo, Dirty Mayo, Baconaise, Blue Cheese Dip, Special sauce, Spicy Chipotle Ketchup, Ranch, Honey Mustard Mayo, Garlic and Herb, Marinara, Butty Bach BBQ, Sriracha, HPA Nacho Sauce, Bacon Jam, Rude Boy Salsa, Pot of Chicken Gravy

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